Sandstone is a category of rock made from sediment. The sediment particles are clasts, or pieces, of minerals and fragments of rock, thus sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock.

Physical Properties of Sandstones

The physical properties of sandstone includes following-:

  1. Color Sandstones are available in various colors like red, green, yellow, grey and white, this variation is result of the binding material and its percentage constituent.
  2. Water Absorption The capacity of water absorption is not more than 1.0%
  3. Hardness Lies between 6 to 7 on Moh’s Scale Density 2.32 to 2.42 Kg/m3
  4. Porosity The porosity varies from low to very low.
  5. Compressive Strength Varies from 365 to 460 Kg/m2

Chemical Properties of Sandstone 

Chemical Properties of Sandstone
  SiO2   95-97%
  Iron (Fe2O3)   0.5%-1.5%
  Alumina (Al2O3)   1 to 1.5%
  Soda (Na2O) & Potash(Kro)   Less then 1%
  Lime (CaO)   Less then 0.5%
  Magnesia (MgO)   Less then 0.5%
  Loss On Ignition (LOI)   Less then 0.5%

Uses of Sandstones

  • Manufacturing of plate glass, fine table glassware, and common glassware.
  • Crushed in concrete and asphalt to fill in dike and jetty construction.
  • Rough and weathered sandstone is used as fireplaces, walls, and walkways.
  • As decorative stones.
  • As bookends, clocks, paperweights, coaster, etc.
  • As flooring or paving material.
  • Load bearing masonry
  • Sandstone slabs and sandstone tiles are used in cladding.
  • In chemical industries as flooring, wall fixing and lining due to its acid and alkali resistant properties.
  • It is ideal for carving and architectural uses as pillars, arches, garden furniture, fountains, landscaping products and stone arts & crafts.
  • A sandstone block is used as foundations and stonewalls.



  1. Cut –to-Size :30X30, 30X60, 40X40, 40X60, 60X60, 60X90, 60X45,60X120,80X80
  2. Slabs :100X200 and up
  3. Finish
    • Both Side Natural
    • One Side Natural And Other Side Swan
    • One Side Natural And Other Side Calibrated,
    • Both Side Honed, Polished, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Brushed